Goodbye, It's Been Fun

Your author, doing a totally-not authorial thing. 

Your author, doing a totally-not authorial thing. 

Well this is bittersweet. It's my last post on the blog and I'd like to say goodbye. This project has been the kind of weird, challenging fun that most early-career writers wouldn't get the chance to take on. Seriously. I got a crazy tabula rasa situation here. An island, uncolonized by plants or lichen for me to bring the first specimens to. It's cool to be able to get this thing started in such a good way and I'm proud of the work I've done here. I'm happy to have stretched this blog from paleobotany to arborism to science history. I'm thrilled at the unexpected virality of one of my articles and the slow-burning interest in why palms are giant, frond-growing lies. You tree nerds warm the cockles of my heart and I hope whoever takes over the blog can provide the caliber of information, writing and general joviality that you've come to expect from me. I'm going away forever through; I'll be applying to journalism programs this fall. Maybe you'll see me and remember this weird, tree-filled beginning. 


Your's Truly



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