As an organization and campaign, Our City Forest continually works to increase community awareness of the many benefits of trees, especially in the urban environment.  We’re strong believers that if people notice trees more, they grow to appreciate them more. In turn, this appreciation will manifest in a willingness to protect existing trees and advocate for new ones!

At OCF, we’re continuously leading programs to engage community members in the appreciation, protection, growth, and maintenance of our urban ecosystem. We will continue to be fueled by you, our community of advocates and volunteers, to keep planting it forward everyday! There are numerous ways to get involved in our mission--here’s a few to get you started!

1. Plant a Tree at Home
Did you know that one mature tree produces enough oxygen for two adults? There are numerous health, environmental, and economical benefits of planting trees, so why not plant one at your own home? Our City Forest is here to help you every step of the way, from processing your permits to caring for your new tree! In fact, we’ll even help you select the right tree for your site.

2. Donate
Give the gift of green-- 100% of our donations go toward our urban forestry, water conservation efforts, and environmental educational programming. A donation to Our City Forest is dedicated to creating a green future and improving our urban forests. Your contribution can make a direct impact on the environment of today and the future! We appreciate donations of all sizes, and even those that provide us with items on our wish list!

3. Spread Tree Knowledge
At Our City Forest, we’re committed to educating others on the importance of growing and caring for our urban forest. No matter how young or old, it’s never too late to learn about the growing demand for conservation. Request a group presentation for your local school or neighborhood organization-- the benefits are endless! Sharing your group presentation with an online registration tool can allow you to get the entire community involved.  Let’s use the power of people to achieve this needed transformation in homes, communities and cities!

4. Volunteer
Interested in getting a little dirt under your fingernails? Join us in our mission and volunteer with Our City Forest. There are so many ways to dedicate your time to our organization! We have volunteer opportunities in tree planting, tree caring, education, and even office help! Our volunteers are vital to the success at Our City Forest. We even offer Team-Building Workdays for company involvement. Volunteering is a great way to enrich your life, and dedicate some spare time to a meaningful cause! Check out our calendar for volunteer opportunities!

Thank you for continuing to support us in our mission to make Silicon Valley green, vibrant and environmentally friendly.