Now Hiring Community Nursery Manager

Our City Forest has been the leading urban forestry non-profit in San Jose, California for 25 years. Our two-acre Community Nursery and Training Center supports the organization’s goals and provides suitable, climate-appropriate species that are planted across Silicon Valley. The nursery is home to over 350 species of drought-tolerant trees and plants that are cultivated by a team of AmeriCorps members and 2,500 volunteers annually. The Community Nursery Manager will oversee the long-term development and expansion as well as daily care of the nursery.

Now Hiring AmeriCorps Service Members

Our City Forest (OCF) Service Team Members are sponsored in part by the National Service organization, AmeriCorps, and are expected to commit to 1,700 hrs of service. Team Members will have 2 weeks of all-team training beginning on September 10th. Each Team Member will be assigned to a primary team by the 3rd week, but will support other teams when needed throughout the year. The teams are: Community Forestry (comprised of Planting, Tree Care, Lawn Busters), Community Nursery, or Communications/Outreach.