Lawn Busters

Converting Lawns to Luscious WATER-WISE Landscapes


Did you know the average lawn uses 1,800 gallons of water every week? That's over 50% of all residential water usage. Yikes.

Our City Forest is here to help you ditch the thirsty turf in favor of beautiful, drought-tolerant gardens. Our LAWN BUSTERS program helps with everything from planning and planting, to low-water irrigation systems and potential rebate program assistance. 

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Planet Tree

We love tree-ching.

Our City Forest offers environmental education assemblies and in-class presentations for kindergarten through college-age students. Topics include the benefits of urban shade trees and how we can work together to preserve our urban forest. 


TREE tourS 

It's a jungle out there, let's go explore.

Come on an Our City Forest Tree Adventure Tour and discover San Jose's parks, neighborhoods, and green spaces like never before! Each of our themed tours will introduce a unique assortment of trees, from weird and wonderful exotic species to the most common mainstays of the urban forest.

Tree tours are fun for folks of all ages and happen rain or shine.