How to use your tree wish:

Hang it in your home or garden, upcycle it as a coaster or ornament, or even re-gift it to a kid to teach them about trees. Whatever you do, let it remind you to PLANT IT FORWARD every day.


Your bottom piece belongs to an ART INSTALLATION we're building at Our Community Nursery. Bring yours during open hours, add it, and get entered to win up to 20 available prizes.


TAG A PICTURE of you and your TREE WISH to our facebook or #PlantItForwardSV. Spread the word, share ideas, and inspire eco-kindness in your neighborhood and around the world.


If you have found a TREE WISH on your property and do not wish to participate, please feel free to remove it. No questions asked.

About YOUR
tree wish

TREE WISHES are handmade by Our City Forest volunteers with consciously-chosen materials. No trees were harmed during their creation.

Our TREE WISH movement was inspired by a group of AmeriCorps members, one in particular from Tucson, AZ, who'd witnessed the power of the Ben's Bells kindness movement. Bringing it back to our tree roots, they envisioned the power of not only human kindness, but constant, rippling, love and stewardship of our planet.


Look in the downtown areas of San Jose, Willow Glen, Japantown, Saratoga and SJSU. Keep a look out, your area might be next!