We Grow.

Your Grow-To Source for Goodness.

Our COMMUNITY NURSERY & TRAINING CENTER grows and nurtures thousands of drought-tolerant trees and shrubs - all growing to be planted in the community. We are open to the public 3 days a week, learn more:



Always choosing the Right Tree or Shrub for the Right Place

Our expert staff and arborists help residents choose the appropriate tree for their homes, schools, and parks. Trees are important for a healthy city, but so are native and drought-tolerant shrubs for the understory. Learn more about our community planting programs and our lawn conversion program for Santa Clara County residents.


Everything needs a little "Tree, L, C".

Our CERTIFIED ARBORISTS and TREE EXPERTS teach proper planting and care so the community can grow trees for generations.

Every planted tree has a Steward to ensure it is cared for for the first 3 years of life. Learn more about watering, pruning, and our services:


It's never too early or too late to learn.

Our programs TEACH OUR SCHOOLS and COMMUNITY everything they need to know about growing and caring for our urban forest.

Stay tuned to our Event Calendar for workshops throughout the year at Martial Cottle Park or the Community Nursery. Read our BLOG and get involved by volunteering to learn more about what we do!