Choose the Right Tree for the Right Place

See what trees are available this season at the Community Nursery (Medium-Large Canopy, Small Canopy, and CA Native Trees):

Steps to Plant

Follow these simple steps to GET TREES
for your Park Strip, Front or Backyard. If you have a permit with a specific tree listed, write that on your application. Or list (or describe) a tree you would like and our arborist and nursery experts can help ensure you're planting the right tree for the right place.

Our City Forest is here to help every step of the way. Let's get planting! 


Agree to care for your tree with our non-binding Tree Stewardship Application. Permits are mandatory for a PARK STRIP tree; we can help you obtain one from the city of San Jose, if needed. Pick up FRONT and  BACKYARD trees from the Nursery and plant that same day. 


Our Trees For All team will contact you after we have received your application. Sign up for our PLANTING
available every Saturday during the planting season at the Community
Nursery, registration is required. Also, watch our Instructional Planting video.


Visit our COMMUNITY NURSERY to select from our available species. If you already have a permit for your PARK STRIP tree, please bring it with you to the nursery with your Tree Stewardship Application, or submit ahead of time. All park strip tree applicants will receive a scheduled pick up date & time.


ENJOY YOUR TREE for generations. Use our easy-to-follow instructions:





Please fill out the following Tree Stewardship Application and email to Send a copy of your planting permit, if it's for a San José street tree.

Aplicación para recibir árboles

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