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TREES Shrubs

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Our nursery hosts a large variety of trees, shrubs, and grasses available for the community, including CALIFORNIA-NATIVES, DROUGHT-TOLERANT and DISEASE-RESISTANT species. 
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1000 Spring St. San Jose, CA 95110
 (408) 785-2302


Thursday - Saturday
9am - Noon


For Landscape Professionals and Cities

Urban Foresters, City Arborists, Restoration Agencies and other Landscape Professionals can choose from our selection of drought-tolerant, native trees & shrubs. Wholesale pricing and contract growing available. 

Email Nursery Manger Andy Frank for a Wholesale Pricing & Inventory List

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Help us Grow with a Donation

The Community Nursery is accepting in-kind donations year round.

Wish List

  • Heavy duty garden/outdoor carts

  • Lumber, hardware, and building materials in good condition

  • Hand and power tools in working condition

  • Gravel, flagstone, stepping stones, pavers, fill sand, and baserock

  • Nursery containers/supplies in good condition

  • Bamboo/wooden stakes in good condition

  • Wood chips

  • Cardboard (large pieces)

NOTE: We generally do not pickup material unless it is in large quantities or highly desired.  We prefer if you can drop material at nursery during our Open Hours 9AM - 12PM or by appointment.

We also accept trees and plants on a limited basis.  Please email us a list of species with descriptions and photos. Donated plant material must meet the following condition and acceptance is at the Nursery Manager's discretion: 

  • Donated stock must be identified (as a known species and/or cultivar) and pest/disease free.

  • In most cases, the plant must already be growing in a container, and not recently dug out of the landscape.

  • Trees must be less than 3/4" in trunk diameter/caliper and less than 6' tall.

  • Perennials, grasses, shrubs that can be divided.

  • Cuttings and seeds of identified species must have known collection location and/or source.

We do not accept:  Redwoods, Oaks, Mayten, Acacia, Toyons, Madrones, or Privets.

Questions? Contact Nursery Manager