1000 Spring St. San Jose, CA 95110
 (408) 785-2302


Thursday - Saturday
9am - Noon





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Our nursery hosts a large variety of trees, shrubs, and grasses available for the community, including CALIFORNIA-NATIVES, DROUGHT-TOLERANT and DISEASE-RESISTANT species. 
For specific questions, please stop by or contact us!


For Landscape Professionals and Cities

Urban Foresters, City Arborists, Restoration Agencies and other Landscape Professionals can choose from our selection of drought-tolerant, native trees & shrubs. Wholesale pricing and contract growing available. 

Email Nursery Manger Nara Baker for a Wholesale Pricing & Inventory List

Nursery Species Wishlist

Here is a list of species the nursery is looking to propagate! If you have any of the following species, please email treenursery@ourcityforest.org to coordinate a donation. We'll take seeds, cuttings, or even whole plants. Thank you!

  • Aloe polyphylla
  • Arctostaphylos purissima 'Vandenburg'
  • Backhousia citriodora
  • Beaufortia scharueri
  • Berberis pinnata ssp. Insularis
  • Boronia crenulata 'Shark Bay'
  • Epilobium canum 'Hurricane Pt.'
  • Erica glauca
  • Grevillea 'Poorinda Royal Mantle'
  • Hebe parvifolia
  • Hibbertia pedunulata
  • Monardella odoratissima
  • Phyla nodiflora
  • Syncolostemon obermeyerae